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Celtic Knot Stained Glass Window Panel

● $314.99 Size: 26" wide by 18" high Item: #1209

This stained glass piece was hand crafted with a completely custom design. It can be modified to fit any window size or shape with any color palette.

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Our most commonly asked questions:

How would I install this?

How to install a stained glass window

Express Install

In an express install, the stained glass rests against your existing window and is held in place by tacking, quarter round or molding. Wood trim can also hold the stained glass in place, which will give the appreance of a "full install."

By using this method, you'll have the benefit of being able to take your stained glass out for cleaning or moving.

Full Install

A full install is the best method for remodeling, rennovation, and construction.

The stained glass will be shipped "construction-ready" with an exterior grade wood or vinyl frame

We can also insulate the stained glass between two pieces of shatter-resistant tempered glass. For more information, read our overview of our triple paned stained glass tempered units.

Hanging the Panel

One of the most popular ways to display stained glass is to use a window hanging. All of our windows come with hooks and can be hung easily.

To hang the window simply secure the chains to the wall above the window of your choice. Then suspend your stained glass art at the desired level in the window for a beautiful look that will bring a beautiful look to any room.

Can I get different colors?

How to get different colors of stained glass

All of our windows are made using Spectrum Glass. It's the highest quality stained glass in America. There are over a thousand different color and texture combinations available.

Because each stained glass window is handmade, we can easily use any color scheme you can imagine when crafting them. If you already have a color scheme in mind, you can get in touch with us for a free quote.

If you need some color inspiration, we've done our best to bring you a virtual color palette. You can:
Click to se our color palette

Our insulation guide is coming soon

Can you shatterproof it?

Shatter Resistant Tempered Glass Units

What's the diffence between regular glass & tempered glass?

Most windows are made of annealed glass which breaks fairly easily into large shards. But by code, patio doors, shower doors, picture windows, and other locations people might impact must be made of tempered glass. It's four to six times stronger and when it does break, it shatters into small pieces that are less likely to cause cuts.

Tempered Glass Units

Our "tempered glass unit" is a unique product where we take a stained glass panel and insulate it between two pieces of tempered glass. It is then bound into a single glass unit that's ready to easily install into your new or existing window frame.

Our units are insulated with the top-of-the-line Super Spacer® product. You can read about why the Super Space product line provides the warmest, longest-lasting windows anywhere in the world.

All in all, our tempered glass units can help you with weather insulation, preserving your stained glass, saving energy costs, additional home security, acoustical reduction, and help you meet city codes.

Insulating your window with Super Spacer®

Super Spacer®

The Super Spacer® product line stands alone. We call it TrueWARM because Super Spacer® is the world's only 100% polymer foam, NO-Metal Warm Edge spacing system. Its arrival on the scene in 1989 revolutionized the insulating glass industry, and today, this TSS® technology is still breaking new ground in providing the warmest, longest-lasting windows anywhere in the world.

Why is Super Spacer® & Super Sealer so effective for insulating glass?

Super Spacer® has The NO-Metal Advantage. Thermal efficiency through no presence of conductive metals" is Super Spacer's hallmark. The edge of the insulating glass unit is indeed the most vulnerable to heat and cooling loss, condensation and frosting. Super Spacer's NO-Metal formula blocks the heat escape path and provides one of the best thermal performances in the industry. That means it keeps the heat in during the winter months and keeps the cool in during the summer months. Super Spacer assures comfortable winter humidity

Windows that Last a Lifetime

Super Spacer® is made with Thermoset Spacer (TSS®) technology. This technology ensures that the spacer will expand and contract, but it will always maintain its structural integrity by returning to its original shape.

This is very important because windows are constantly exposed to temperature changes, UV ray bombardment, barometric pressure changes and wind load. Other rigid spacers containing metal do not allow for the natural expansion and contraction that must occur in the insulated glass unit to offset the effects of these pressures on the glass. The results are stress cracks that eventually lead to seal failure.

Super Spacer® is a dual-seal system that uses a high-performance acrylic adhesive for its structural seal. Backed with a moisture vapor seal, Super Spacer® insulating glass lasts five times longer in durability tests than single seal units.

The results are obvious. Super Spacer® structural foam combines with this acrylic adhesive strength to form the most reliable primary seal in an insulating glass unit on the market..

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